Smudge Bowls, Burners & Shells

Smudge Bowls, Burners & Shells

Accessories and supplies for burning your smudge herbs, wood resin and incense.

We recommend placing sand in the base of smudge bowls if you plan to use a charcoal disk for burning resin. 

The tripods are a great addition as a stand for shells.

Image Product- Price
* White Abalone Shell - Extra Large
Natural White Abalone Shell - X Large These large, robust white abalone shells provide a natural dish-shape making them ideal for use...

Wooden Ash Catcher
Incense Ash Catcher Flat wooden incense ash catchers with brass inlay. These are approx. 10" long with varying designs of brass inlay work.

* NEW - Tripod 6"
Tripod for Abalone & Clam Shells New natural colour lightweight, handcarved wooden tripod designed for holding our abalone and clam shells. Ideal...

Natural Stone Smudge Bowl 4inch - OM
Natural carved stone smudge bowl with OM design Soap stone smudge bowl ideal for both loose leaf herbs and smudge sticks. Size: 4" diameter ...

Stone Smudge Bowl 5inch black
Soap Stone smudge bowl - black Designed for use as a smudge bowl when burning loose leaf botanical or smudge sticks. Size: 5" diameter ...

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