Resin Incense and Supplies

Wood Resin and Charcoal

Wood Resin

Resin is the dried sap from trees which is used as an alternative form of natural incense. Incense resins are often used in spiritual practises and ceremonies. Perhaps most commonly seen in churches is the burning of resin in large brass charcoal holders.

Charcoal tablets

Charcoal tablets specifially designed for burning resins.

Palo Santo Resin

Bulk Palo Santo resin bags are available to approved wholesale customers.

Image Product- Price
Resin - Benzoin
Benzoin has a lovely warm fragrance thereby helping to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Benzoin aids in stimulating imagination and creativity...

Resin - White Copal
Copal has a pleasant light fragrance. Copal can be burnt during meditation, energy and aura healing and to aid in spiritual endeavours. Copal has...

Resin - Myrrh 3/4oz
Myrrh can used for purification and blessing. Myrrh helps to revitalise the spirit and inspire prayer. Can be burnt during meditation and mixed with...

Charcoal - swift-lite 33mm
Swift-Lite  Charcoal Roll Charcoal for incense and resin burning. 10 disks is each roll. Burn time:  Approx burn time is 60min per tablet.

Charcoal Tongs
Charcoal Tongs - 6"L These metal tongs are designed for holding your charcoal tablet while lighting them. Our latest batch are plain without any...

Palo Santo - resin 0.5oz
Palo Santo Resin,  also known as "Holy Wood". Used for purification, prayer and ceremony. Palo Santo has a sweet full fragrance....

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