Smudge Fans & Feathers

Feathers have been referred to by many as a gift from spirit. Smudge fans are used during purification rituals to fan the smoke from smouldering sage and sweetgrass when clearing away negative energies. We also make smudge fans for use during spiritual healing.

Our Smudge Fans are hand made by us using hand selected feathers for quality assurance. We offer a range of sizes from a single feather fans (Prayer Feathers) up to wing tip smudge fans. Decorations include buckskin, fur, bead work, conchos. The feathers used are mainly from turkey, peacock, pheasant, guinea fowl, partridge and when available, Macaw. Please do NOT ask us to make smudge fans using Eagle, Hawk or Owl feathers - we consider these too sacred to use - it is also illegal without a permit from the Government.

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Turkey Feather - wing
Bronze Turkey Feather - wing Grade A turkey feathers. 12 -14" in length. Mix of left and right wing feathers. Selection will be picked from...
Smudge fan - turkey and partridge feathers - large
Bronze turkey tail feathers, partridge feather centre piece, custom made solid cedar handle covered with soft buckskin and decorated with fur. Smudge...
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Smudge Fan: turkey feathers with turquoise cabachon - large
Hand made feather smudge fan with turkey and partridge feathers. Custom made solid cedar handle covered with soft buckskin and decorated with a...
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Smudge Fan: Elk Jaw with Lapis Lazuli
Smudge fan with Elk jaw bone handle, turkey and pheasant feathers, lapis lazuli inlay. Smudge fans are used during purification...
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