Rawhide Medicine Rattles

Medicine Rattles

We make our rattles using genuine hand processed rawhide rattle heads with a selection of handles including wood, antler and bone.

Rawhide options for our rattles:

  • American Bison
  • Horse 
  • Deer
  • Elk

Custom orders are available for rattles.

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Deer Rawhide Medicine Rattle with antler handle
Deer rawhide medicine rattle Genuine hand scraped deer rawhide rattle head, handsewn with braided hemp thread featuring deer antler handle....
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Elk Rawhide Medicine Rattle
Elk rawhide rattle Genuine hand processed Elk rawhide rattle head sewn with braided hemp thread. Timber handle covered with leather. All our rawhide...
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Horse Rawhide Medicine Rattle
Horse rawhide rattle Genuine hand scraped Horse rawhide rattle head, handsewn with braided hemp thread. Timber handled covered with leather. All...
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