Privacy Notice

The information collected through this system is used to process your order, contact you as required regarding your order and for legal requirements if there is a dispute with your order. We do not distribute or sell your personal details to any third party.  All data collected by our online cart system is stored in a secure and encrypted database.

Removal from the Database
If you no longer wish to have an account with us, please contact us via email or letter with your removal request and your details will be deleted from the database. Please note this will also include your login details, address book and order history. This removal can not be undone and should you wish to purchase via our online shop in the future, you will need to re-register.
We will periodically send out emails to validate accounts which have not been used for some time. If the emails bounce back with delivery errors, the corresponding account will be removed. We may, at our discretion, remove dormant accounts - accounts that have not been used for a period of time after registration.
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