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Registration for Wholesale

The following information is for Australian based resellers who wish to apply for an online wholesale account with us.

Please read the following carefully. We offer wholesale discounts to genuine wholesale customers.

Registration Process

3 Step Registration!
  1. Create an online account with our store by completing Part 1 and Part 2 of the Registration form. In Part 2 we need your Business/Company name, ABN, web addresss. If Part 2 has not been fully completed we will assume this is for a standard retail account.

  2. After you have registered with our online store your account is active as a retail customer. Once approved by us your account will be changed to wholesale.

  3. If Part 2 has been completed we will verifiy the information provided. Wholesale requests will only be accepted from geniune resellers who are looking to add our items to their product line (shop front or online). If all the information is valid your account will be updated to view wholesale prices.

Benefits to have wholesale and retail under the one roof

Previously we had two separate websites, one retail and one wholesale. Based on feedback from our valued customers and at our own discretion we now have everything on one website. We hope this will minimise the confusion experienced by some of our customers. Customers will either have 'Retail Status' or 'Wholesale Status' depending on your registration.
  • Our wholesale customers no longer need to create an online account with two different websites if you are purchasing craft products and smudge herbs. With just one account, on one website, you can now purchase both craft items and wholesale herbs on the one order.

  • Wider variety of products to select from under the one roof.

  • Our craft items are already at wholesale prices and can be added to your order. There are no minimum order quantities on our craft items. Minimum order quantities only apply to smudge herbs and incense products.

Wholesale Trading Terms (Conditions)

  • You must be the owner of the business stated in Part 2 on the registration form you filled in when creating your online account.

  • Your business/company does not have be registered with ASIC but it does need to be linked with your given name AND your ABN record. If you're trading under your own name we'll need to see some additional evidence that you're a reseller.

    (We need to see evidence that you are a business customer and your orders with us are directly related to the business through which you are reselling our products e.g. you own a New Age store and wish to add our items to your product line. Wholesale status is granted at our discretion. At any point prior or after approval that we believe purchases are for personal use, a third party, or unrelated to the industry your registration will be revoked.)

    Our aim is to make things fair to our genuine wholesale customers. If you are purchasing for personal use please sign up as a retail customer. We've had feedback over the years that our retail prices are competitively low.

  • The ABN quoted must be valid and active. The details supplied will be crossed referenced with Government databases (ABN & ASIC) to verify the information. Because just about anybody can get an ABN under their own name, this alone will not be enough to qualify registrants for wholesale approval. The ABN must be linked with the business stated in the registration form.

  • Please ensure that your contact details are correct so we can contact you.

  • The web address (URL) stated must be for your business/company through which you will be reselling our products. This can be your online store, established eBay or Etsy site, business Facebook Page, etc. If the information is not valid (e.g. an invalid or un-related website) or left blank, your registration will be declined.

  • After your registration as been approved please ensure that you keep your business details current. If your ABN and ASIC details expire your account will be changed to retail status until your business details have been renewed. If your company/business status has changed eg new ownership, closing down, establishing a new business - please let us know so we can amend your account details accordingly.

Minimum Order: There is a one-off initial order minimum of $150 (excluding postal charges) within the first four months after your account has been approved. After this there is a minimum of $100 (excluding postal charges) per order. At the moment there is no minimum annual order amount. However, accounts with low or no purchasing history will be re-evaulated and your wholesale status may be revoked and your account changed to retail or deactivated. If your account has been deactivated you will need to go through the registration process again. If there have been no purchases within the first four months after your registration has been approved your account will be changed to retail status.

Back Orders: Back orders are not available. If there is a product you wish to order that is currently marked as out of stock, please let us know. In some situations we are in the process of waiting for new stock to arrive so we can update the website.

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