About Our Workshops

About Our Workshops
Benefits of Attending Our Drum Making Workshops
About Our Materials

About Our Workshops

Our drum making workshops are a great opportunity for you to make your own personal rawhide drum using quality materials that have been hand processed by us. Because we process and prepare all our own materials from the drum hoops to the rawhide, we can better provide you with indepth knowledge of what you are making and how best to care for your drum long after the workshop is finished. An information leaflet provided to you regarding drum care which we recommend you read and keep with your drum.

All our drums are made using solid timber hoops and genuine rawhide processed by Graeme from Wolf Drums and Flutes. Wolf Drums and Flutes supplies all the materials and tools needed during each workshop. Please refer to the Workshop Info page for additional information. Our drum workshops run for one day starting at 9am with introductions and an opening prayer in the Lakota language.

Benefits of Attending Our Drum Making Workshops

  • All materials are processed and prepared by us guaranteeing you quality products
  • Gain a cultural understanding of the importance and role of the drum from the Lakota perspective as it has been taught to us by elders
  • All necessary equipment is supplied for you during the workshop
  • The workshop will be held under our tuition and instructions providing you with information and guidelines about the process of your part in making the drum i.e we are there to guide you through the process during the day.
  • Lay-bys are available on the balance payment if you are having financial difficulty
  • All drum hoops are pre-sealed and the edges rounded smooth. Sealing the hoop protects the timber from water damage.
  • All drum hoops are solid timber, NOT laminated ply, therefore there is no risk of delaminating which is common in plywood hoops

About Our Materials

Variations in Rawhide

The natural colour, markings, transparency and thickness of rawhide varies greatly with each species. Below are photos of drums we have made over the years to show a sample of the variations in deer, horse, bison and goat. As it can be clearly shown even in one species such as deer the colour and range of markings can vary greatly from a pale cream to dark browns.

With this it is also our aim to give our customers a clearer understanding of what you can expect from one of our drum making workshops.

Deer Rawhide Drums Horse Rawhide Drums American Bison Rawhide Drums Goat Rawhide Drums

Available Drum Sizes

In our drum making workshops we generally offer a variety of drum sizes for people to choose from at the time of booking into a workshop.
    Size options include:
  • Native American style drum 14" x 3" deep
  • Native American style drum 15" x 3" deep
  • Native American style drum 16" x 3" deep (default)
  • Native American style drum 18" x 3" deep

  • On occasion we will also offer:
  • Siberian Style Oval Shaman drum 20" long x 16" wide

Each workshop focuses on a specific animal 'medicine'.
    Rawhide options include:
  • Deer
  • Horse
  • American Bison (buffalo)
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