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Quote: "Also, you can tell a true medicine person from an imitator by what they ask you for in return for their help. According to where they live, everyone needs enough to live on and to pay their bills. But if they ask for more than a fair payment for this, walk away from them." - (Fools Crow Lakota holy and medicine man)

Wolf Drums and Flutes is a family run business based in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in crafting high quality Native American style drums, Siberian Style shaman drums and Saami shaman drums. We handcraft Native American style flutes and other items. We also provide a range of smudging herbs, natural incense. Throughout the year we run drum making workshops providing our participants with the opportunity to make their own quality rawhide drum.

Each year we exhibit at a variety of Psychic and Alternative Expos throughout Australia which provide people the opportunity to view and buy our products direct. The expos are a great opportunity to meet and greet.

Our goal has been to offer the best quality Native American style drums and flutes, Saami and Siberian style drums, and other handmade arts and craft (made in Australia by us) at reasonable prices.

About Graeme

Wolf Drums and Flutes

After making his first drum Graeme spent about a year assisting his teacher in drum making workshops to learn more about drum making. During this time he also made many drums as gifts and for himself to work on his technique.

He then spent time with a professional taxidermer tanner to learn about the different hides and various tanning techniques. Wanting to take his craft further Graeme then went to a master wood bender to learn how to bend drum hoops. Over time he's developed his own way of curing raw hide and making drum hoops.

Graeme is also a qualified addictions counsellor with further qualifications in co-dependency, self-esteem and anger management. He's also a survivor of childhood abuse and the drum helped reduce his therapy time from the quoted 5 to 10 years down to 18 months.

Graeme continuously looks for ways to improve his craft work and the quality of the drums and flutes he makes. Graeme is a true artisan and master of his craft.