Feather Smudge Fans

Smudge Fans

Our Smudge Fans are hand made by us using hand selected feathers for quality assurance. Our smudge fans comes in a range of sizes with various decorative options. The feathers used are mainly from turkey, peacock, pheasant, guinea fowl, partridge and when available, Macaw. We will NOT use eagle, hawk, or owl feathers or feathers from other protected birds.

Feathers have been referred to by many as a gift from spirit. Smudge fans are used during purification rituals to fan the smoke from smouldering smudge herbs to create a sacred space for ceremony.

Feather Smudge fan - medium

Feather Smudge fan - medium

Feather Smudge Fan These are our medium size feather smudge fans. Handmade with bronze turkey rounds and assorted feathers set into a custom...