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"To contact the spirits of the earth I don't need drugs I just work with timber. I go into a whole different world when I craft items like flutes and drums. I've worked with timber for over 50 years now and it still amazes me, the colours, grain features etc. In the old days blacksmiths were seen as witches because they could get metal from stone. So was the woodsman that knew how to bend timber and make it do what it wasn't supposed to do. Understanding the medicine of the tree and the skin takes time. When you craft your own drum hoops and scrape your own hides there's a knowing you get, a closeness to the heart beat of our mother." - Graeme Wolfy, Wolf Drums and Flutes

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Expos this year

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Short List

30 June - Celtic Whisper Spiritual Market - Autumn Market
23/24 March - The Good Earth Psychic Fair
13 April - Gypsy Caravan Bomaderry - Psychic Fair
14 April - Central Coast Psychic and Alternative Fair
27/28 April - Discovery Expo
7 July - Central Coast Psychic and Alternative Fair


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