All purchases and orders are on a pro-forma basis, payments must be received in full by us prior to shipment. Online shopping via our website requires you to Sign Up.


Lay-bys are available for the retail purchase of drums, flutes and the balance on drum payments for workshops. The lay-by term is 6 weeks from the initial instalment.

(Expos: We will no longer issue lay-bys at expos. If the item/s you wish to purchase are still available after the expo, please contact us to arrange a lay-by purchase or you can purchase the item via our online shop.)

Failure to make payments as per the Lay-by Agreement, without prior notification to us, will result in automatic cancellation of your lay-by. The item/s will then be available for purchase to the general public. It is your legal responsibily as the customer to honour your agreement of the lay-by. If you have any difficulties in meeting the Terms and Conditions on the Lay-by Agreement, contact us asap to discuss your options.

Note: Our online shop does not support periodic payments. Please contact us to arrange your lay-by purchase for drums and flutes.

Title of Goods

All products supplied by Wolf Drums and Flutes remain the property of Wolf Drums and Flutes until full payment has been received and cleared in our bank. Any and all commercial risk in the products passes to the customer at the time of postage.

Custom Orders

Custom orders are available for a selection of craft products - drums (hand held and pow wow drums), flutes, smudge fans and rattles.
  • Custom orders require a deposit payment prior to the commencement of work. In most cases you will be invoiced and provided with a due date for when the deposit is due. If the payment hasn't been made by the agreed date the order is considered cancelled. We don't require immediate payment of a deposit unless you have been invoiced and we are ready to commence work within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Where deposits have been taken for a purchase and there has been a mutal agreement for the balance to be paid by a specific date, failure to finalise that payment without notification to us will be regarded as a change of mind. Under the Australian Consumer Law we are not liable to offer a refund for change of mind.
  • We cannot provide a specific deadline for custom work, especially large items like pow wow drums and items where detailed work is involved such as flutes with totem blocks and gemstone or shell inlay work. In conjunction with filling orders we also have stock to build plus expos and workshops to prepare for. Please understand that delays can occur which are beyond our control such as extreme weather changes, ill health, sourcing materials. Extremely hot weather will prevent us from working on certain items. If there are any major delays we will do our best to contact you to discuss your order.
  • If you require an item for a specific event we suggest you do not arrange any dates for your event until you have received your order. If the item in question is for an event arranged by a third-party eg expo, festival, tour; please discuss this with us during your initial enquiry about your order so we can assertain as to whether or not we will be able to complete your order in time. All craft items are hand made by us; we do not mass produce items in a factory and we don't do rush jobs.