Drums - Siberian and Sami style

The quality of materials used to make a drum is a direct reflection of how much respect the drum maker has for the drum. We use premium quality materials on ALL our drums.

The beat of the drum connects us with the heart beat of mother Earth. Respect the drum, respect the Earth!

All our Siberian and Sámi Style Shaman drums are hand made using genuine hand processed rawhide and steam bent solid timber hoops. The oval shape of these drums lends itself to more tones and harmonics within the drum compared to a standard round drum.

Drums can be custom made and tensioned to suit your locations average climate range. If you purchase a drum from us and it requires retentioning (drums with rawhide lacing only) please let us know - there is no extra charge.

Drums are used for healing, meditation, drum circles, and ceremony. They are beneficial when dealing with grief, stress, trauma, loneliness, depression and anger. Drums also play an important role in traditional ceremonies.

For our Shaman style Drums we use various fixed handles and lacing styles as well as deer antler, bone and horn caps for the handle at the back of the drum.


All our drums come with:

  • One free leather head drum beater - leather colours vary
  • Instructions for care specific to our drums
  • A written lifetime guarantee

For additional information please read our Drum Information page.


Image Product- Price
Siberian Shaman style Fallow Deer 14inch drum with Gemstone
Siberian style Drum with Fallow Deer Doe Rawhide : 14" diameter drum with New Zealand Beech steam bent hoop. This drum features a Picture...
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Oval Sámi Shaman drum (The Crone)
Sámi shaman drum with Red Deer (Doe) rawhide 20" x 16" x 3" European Beech steam bent oval hoop. Red Deer (doe) rawhide...
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Siberian Shaman style Tear Drop shaped Fallow Deer drum
Siberian style Drum with Fallow Deer Buck Rawhide : 20" x 16" x 3" tear drop shaped drum with New Zealand Beech steam bent oval...
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Felted Drum Beaters
Felted Drum Beaters Handmade felted drum beaters available in an assortment of colours. We find our felted drum beaters offer a varied tone to...

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