Drum Making Workshop Information

Our drum making workshops are a great opportunity for you to make your own personal rawhide drum using quality materials that have been hand processed in an environmentally friendly way - NO harsh chemicals. Because we process and prepare all our own materials from the drum hoops to the rawhide, we can better provide you with indepth knowledge of what you are making and how best to care for your drum long after the workshop is finished. An information leaflet is provided to you regarding drum care which we recommend you read and keep with your drum.

What's Included in Each Workshop

  • Guidance from professional drum makers
  • One free leather head drum beater - leather colours vary
  • Instructions for care specific to our drums
  • Lifetime written guarantee on materials valid world wide
  • An opportunity to gain indepth knowledge about what you are making and the meaning of the hide and timber used in the workshop.
  • An understanding of the environmental importance of using natural materials in Native drums.
  • A personal appreciation of the fact that you have made a drum that will journey with you through your life or for a specific purpose such as healing. Almost every one of our drum workshop customers finishes the workshop learning something more about themselves that they weren't aware of before.

  • Our workshops are more than just making a drum. They are a journey of personal discovery and raising inner awareness. For some people learning they can actually make something with their own hands has been an empowering growth for them.

All our drum making workshops involve a short ceremony consisting of an opening prayer, connection meditation and closing prayer (in the Lakota language for our Native Amercian style drum workshops). We spend time to teach you about the medicine behind the drum so you have an understanding of what you are making. Our workshops provide you with a unique opportunity to make a quality Native style medicine or shaman drum with an experienced drum maker who has over 20 yrs of drum making experience.

We now also offer Siberian style and Sami Drum making retreats. These are 3-day live-in workshops/retreats at selected venues. Costs of each workshop includes drum, accommodation, food and ceremony. Some venues require you to bring a tent for camping in. This information will be posted with each individual workshop. Bookings are by phone only and places for each workshop are limited. Leave your day to day work and worries behind and emerse yourself in the process.

Duration of workshops

Unless stated otherwise our drum workshops run for 1 day starting at 9am. Finishing times can vary depending on numbers but usually between 4pm-5pm.
Our shaman drum workshops: 3 days and 3 nights live-in.

Available Drum Sizes

In our drum making workshops we generally offer a variety of drum sizes for people to choose from at the time of booking into a workshop except for our shaman drum making retreats.

  • Size options include:
  • Native American style drum 14" x 3" deep
  • Native American style drum 16" x 3" deep (default)
  • Native American style drum 18" x 3" deep

  • On occasion we will also offer:
  • Siberian Style Oval Shaman drum 20" long x 16" wide

  • Sami Style Oval Shaman drum 20" long x 16" wide - 3-day live-in workshop at selected locations. Conditions apply. Please contact us for details.

  • Crystal Shaman Drum workshop - drum size 16" x 3" deep


Materials use in our drums

All our drums are made using solid timber hoops and genuine rawhide processed and prepared by Graeme and Diane from Wolf Drums and Flutes. We supply all the materials and tools needed during each workshop. Traditional prayers are used in the preparation of both hoops and rawhide.



All drum hoops are solid timber and steambent round or oval depending on the workshop. We DON'T use plywood. The most common timber offered is Western Red Cedar. Occasionally we will hold workshops using specifically Black Walnut or Huon Pine. The details will always be listed with each workshop posting on our website.




The face and lacing for the Native American style drums are genuine rawhide which is processed and prepared by us. We DON'T use pickled hide. The species of rawhide selected is specific to each workshop and is based on availability. We will not mix hides. All our rawhide are processed the natural way by hand without chemicals.

Each workshop focuses on a specific animal 'medicine'. Rawhide options include:

  • Deer
  • Horse
  • American Bison (buffalo)
  • Elk

Variations in Rawhide

The natural colour, markings, transparency and thickness of rawhide varies greatly with each species. Below are photos of drums we have made over the years to show a sample of the variations in deer, horse, bison and goat. As it can be clearly shown even in one species such as deer the colour and range of markings can vary greatly from a pale cream to dark browns in hand scraped rawhide.

With this it is also our aim to give our customers a clearer understanding of what you can expect from one of our drum making workshops.


Wolf Drums and Flutes Rawhide Drum Workshops


Booking and Payment Information



Bookings for all 1-day workshops are primarily done online after you have created an account with our online store. If you are booking for yourself and another person we will need the name and email address of the other person. Our 3-day live-in Shaman drum workshops are by phone booking only.




Native American style drum workshop: $100 deposit is due at the time of booking to guarantee your placement. Book in online (unless otherwise stated) for the quickest and easiest way to secure your placement in one of our workshops. Deposits are non-refundable unless the workshop is cancelled.


3-Day live-in shaman drum workshops: $300 deposit is due at the time of booking to guarantee your placement. This can be paid via Paypal (preferred), over the phone via credit card or direct deposit.

I've booked in but can't attend - If you have paid your deposit and due to unforseen circumstances you are unable to attend the workshop we will need a mimimum of 48hrs notice. Please contact us to discuss your options.

What if I've paid my deposit and the workshop is cancelled? - Paid deposits will be refunded in full if we have to cancel the workshop, or if you have booked online you can opt for a discount voucher to the value of the amount you have paid.

Failure to attend without notification - If you've booked and paid your deposit for a workshop and have failed to attend without giving us 48hrs notice that you are not attending or notice at all, your deposit is forefeit.

Final Balance


The final balance is due on the day of the workshop. Lay-bys are available on the balance payment only - please discuss this with us no less than a week prior to the workshop date so we can arrange the necessary paperwork. Please refer to our Lay-by Policies for additional information.


Benefits of Attending Our Drum Making Workshops

  • All materials are processed and prepared by us guaranteeing you quality products
  • Gain a cultural understanding of the importance and role of the drum from its respective Native culture - Lakota, Siberian, Sámi
  • All necessary equipment is supplied for you during the workshop
  • The workshop will be held under our tuition. We provide verbal and demonstrative instructions to guide you through each step of the drum making process.
  • We keep the number of attendants down (less than 10 per workshop) so we can provide a more one to one guidance during the workshop. We find that some people need more help than others.
  • All drum hoops for our Native American style drum workshops are pre-sealed and the edges rounded smooth. Sealing the hoop protects the timber from water damage.