Native American style Flutes

Native American Style Flutes

We craft superior quanlity Native American style flutes.

All our flutes are made using ethically sourced forest salvaged timbers or recycled timber which is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable method of making flutes.

Our flutes are crafted from solid blocks of timber and burl, precision bored and concert tuned. They require minimal maintenance. Through years of research, we have developed a design so our flutes rarely wet out. For more information please read our Flute Information page.

If you wish to hear a flute, you are welcome to phone us and have the flute played over the phone or visit us at an Expo.


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Bass D Native American style Flute - Lightning Struck Cedar
Bass D Native American style Flute Handmade in Lightning Struck Cedar and Macrocarpa accents with turquoise inlay and cabachon. This is a deep...
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