18 inch Native American Style Fallow Deer doe drum


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  • Handmade by: Wolf Drums and Flutes


18" Native American style drum using old growth Western Red Cedar steam bent hoop with Fallow Deer doe rawhide. The hoop pine handle is handmade with green opal inlay and features within the 4 direction lacing style. The rawhide face is dyed with a natural dye.


  • Fallow deer doe rawhide, hand scraped
  • 18" Recycled old growth western red cedar steam bent hoop
  • Recycled Hoop Pine handle, handmade with Green Opal inlay
  • Handcut rawhide lacing

This drum will fit into a large size drum bag. If we do not have bags in stock please contact us to make one for you or select Custom Made Drum Bags.

Comes with:

• free leather head drum beater. Leather colour may vary from image shown
• instructions for care specific to our drums
• written lifetime guarantee on workmanship and materials

All our rawhides are processed by hand in an environmentally friendly way, without harsh chemicals, thereby preserving the natural colours in the skin (as opposed to commercially done hides which are bleached).

We use solid timber hoops, steam bent to shape. All our drum hoops are custom made by us. We use environmentally sustainable sources of timber for our hoops, which we then cut, mill and shape. All our drum hoops are sanded smooth and finished with several coats of quality clear sealer.